Triangle Slash Pyramid Shape UFO Sighting Over the Kremlin

Okay, digging through the masses of information and evidence of this triangle slash Pyramid shape UFO sighting over the Kremlin, ...

USAF officer recalls panic after ‘gigantic floating red square’ UFO appeared over AFB

A former US Air Force official recalled his experience investigating an alleged mass sighting of a “glowing red square” UFO ...

Journalist Reveals Bob Lazar’s Astonishing Claim: Extraterrestrials See Humans as ‘Containers of Souls’

The origin of humanity is perhaps the most significant mystery that the world needs to unravel. In mainstream science, the ...

Sensational Discovery: Scientists Have Found an Alien Planet Inside Earth

A Mars-sized object called Theia collided with Earth, and this powerful impact sent Earth's materials into space, leading to the ...

The New U.S. Navy Footage Depicts a Spherical UFO Flying Through the Air and Then Disappearing Into the Sea

In a video recorded by the U.S. Navy, an unidentified flying object is seen dancing across the screen before crashing ...



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