Sky Enigma: Unresolved UFO Sighting Captured by F-16 Pilot in San Antonio

On June 21, 2010, an event of great intrigue occurred when a pilot took photographs of an unidentified flying object ...

Eyes Wide Open: Bob Lazar’s Revelation of Alien Body-Snatchers Among Us

Bob Lazar's Startling Revelation: Aliens Among Us In a groundbreaking interview with renowned ufologist Bob Lazar, shocking revelations have emerged ...

This Is Not A Hoax: New ‘extraterrestrial’ bodies from Peru have emerged

New specimens of "alien mummies" have emerged - beings with three fingers, claimed to be from Peru by the filmmakers ...

Triangle Slash Pyramid Shape UFO Sighting Over the Kremlin

Okay, digging through the masses of information and evidence of this triangle slash Pyramid shape UFO sighting over the Kremlin, ...

USAF officer recalls panic after ‘gigantic floating red square’ UFO appeared over AFB

A former US Air Force official recalled his experience investigating an alleged mass sighting of a “glowing red square” UFO ...



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